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Captain Steve Plein

A locally born native to South West Florida, Stephen fell in love with the water at an early age. From exploring the mangroves behind his parents house to swimming in the Gulf waters he developed a deep understanding and appreciation for his surrounding marine enviroment.  It was with this foundation that he formed his dream of sharing the importance of recognition and conservation of local marine species and their ongoing protection.  

Plein does this through the operation of daily private charters as well as through his developing local youth stewardship program, New Wave Marine Foundation.


Stefanie Wolf


Stefanie draws from an extensive education and research in the marine field. She received her masters from Western Illinois University while studying the range patterns of bottlenose dolphin in the Adriatic Sea.

She holds a deeply rooted passion for all things nature.  Through her love of marine mammals and marine invertebrates Stefanie shares a wide variety of knowledge with clients on private charters as well as with students enrolled in New Wave Marine Foundation's Stewards of the Sea program.